About WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency

Headquartered out of San Diego, at WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency, we know that safety and protection have never been more important. Whether safeguarding the physical well-being of your employees, tenants, stores, or residents, or ensuring the integrity of your property and possessions, we know the concept of security has expanded not only in scope but also in relevance. That is why WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency, is setting the standard by setting the example.

WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency has developed a strong corps of well-trained officers, backed by qualified management, experienced supervisors, the latest technology, and exceptional customer service.

We are a unique security agency, in that not only do we have a "we do it all" business culture, but we also have a vast range of experience that is unmatched by other companies. We are dedicated to continually finding ways to improve ourselves, thus offering better and more up-to-date services to our clients while remaining competitive in pricing.

Our Vision & Values

Clients are at the center of everything we do - and that is reflected in our company's vision and values.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to improving our client's performance by applying our knowledge of security management and the power of investigations to deliver unparalleled value and service all around the state.


Service is the cornerstone of our agency and a key to our new clients. At WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency, employees are trained in quality to ensure that our clients, no matter where they are located, know they have selected a superior security company.

All WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency employees will help accomplish this Vision by always:

  • Providing Unparalleled Protection Service
  • Reporting All Incidents To Supervisors and Management
  • Treating Customers And Colleagues With Respect
  • Reporting Major Incidents To Management and Local Police Departments
Security Officer in San Diego

Reach out to our professionals today to get outstanding services in all of our service areas including:

  • Security Guard Services
  • Private Armed Security Services
  • Private Security Guards
  • Security Services
  • Armed Executive Security Services
  • Commercial Armed Security

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