Top-Quality Security Officers

WestCoast Security & Investigative Agency employs the top security officers in the California area. Many of our security guards are active duty or retired law enforcement personnel. Those who are not already law enforcement personnel are trained by those who are, and learn to provide superior security guard services. Our armed security officers are registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and have met all California State requirements.

Our security guards are aware that the security of you and your business are paramount. With this in mind, they will carry out the most crucial security guard services. Access control, alarm response, motor patrols, and gatehouse monitoring are all important security duties. Our security guards are also well trained for retail shopping center security. In addition, our corporate security services are superb for office building and warehouse security, including high-rise office security.

With our security services, your most valuable assets will be safe all day, every day. Employees who work in your office building will have security to ensure their safety when they leave work on a dark night. Your retail shopping center will have security officers making sure none of your stores experience a break-in. If you operate a gated community, the presence of our security officers helps to protect homes against burglaries. 


Level 2 - Unarmed uniform security officer: An unarmed, uniformed security officer is placed at sites where you want a visible security presence. This provides a sense of security for tenants, clients and guests, as well as provides a deterrent to those looking to commit petty theft or vandalism. 

Level 3 - Armed uniform security personnel: The armed and uniformed security officer is ideal for properties where you want a strong visible security presence, as well as those locations where threat levels are higher. 

Level 4 - Executive protection agent (with CCW/CHL): Executive protection agents are typically plain clothed officers who either accompany the client during meetings/events/traveling or are assigned to a specific location. They have a higher level of training for threat assessments and de-escalation of aggressive behavior. 

Level 5 - investigators:  Investigators are always plain clothes. They may provide protection while acquiring more information for a case. They can be used to work under cover/incognito or could be sent to openly interview a person of interest. 

If you are not sure of which level of security you need, free to email or call us. We will be happy to discuss your options, do a property analysis and provide a free security assessment.


  • Sexual Harassment
  • Responsibilities & Ethics in Citizens Arrest
  • Security Guard Power to Arrest
  • Criminal & Civil Liabilities


  • School Security Guard 
  • Emergency Procedures Bomb Threat and Fire Evacuations 
  • Report Writting
  • Crime and Accident Prevention


  • Relationship Between Security Guard and Peace Officer in Making Arrests
  • Security Officer Safety
  • Trespass Law
  • Coordinating and Sharing of Critical Information
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Arrestable Offenses
  • Hospitality Security 


  • Courtroom Procedures 
  • Active Shooter 
  • Visual Searching Pattern 
  • FEMA "Why you need to stop the bleeding right away"
  • Negligence Security 
  • Workplace Violence 
  • Security Measures 
  • Incident Scene Control 

Interested in joining our team? 


Our Red Team tests your physical security systems to expose any gaps you have in your entry points. Based on what they find, our experts will provide recommendations to improve your physical security procedures and processes. Our experienced consultants use real-world scenarios and think like intruders to assess your existing physical security barriers and identify areas of vulnerability. 

Many organizations focus on cyber security at the expense of their physical security. Gaps in their physical security undermine their other security controls. 

About The Red Team 

A combination made by ex military IT personnel, security consultants, private detectives, and law enforcement. 


What Will We Find In a Physical Security Breach?

 After our assessment, we will report on identified vulnerabilities and provide practical steps you can take to improve your security. After you've made your improvements, we can test again to measure the improvement.